Why Choose Anastassakis Hair Clinic


Our Chief Medical Director is Dr. K. Anastassakis MD, PhD, the first Greek surgeon certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS Diplomate). Dr. Anastassakis and his  surgical team participate every year in international and greek conferences, keeping up with the latest advances in surgical hair restoration and ensuring our patients will receive the best of treatment. But we also want you to understand the difference of our clinic and we insist that you must visit other clinics and do a market research to understand by yourself  from what you will hear and what you will see that we are the only clinic who offers hair transplantation based on the latest developments and international medical standards.


If surgical experience is one of your basic criteria for hair transplantation then, we are your first choice! Our team’s surgical staff has participated in a total of thousands of hair transplantations in Greece and abroad. Our doctors and nurses apply all the scientifically accepted Hair Transplantation Techniques, personalized for every single patient Our experience combined with our passionate dedication to artistry when designing a perfect hair transplantation just for you, offers you a unique natural result that will make you smile in front of your mirror again!


Excellent Results

At Anastassakis Hair Clinic, we are not satisfied by just achieving good results hair transplantations. Our team’s high level of expertise, as well as our experience, is the ideal combination to offer to every patient the perfect, natural and dense hair transplantation. Our technical skills combined with the exclusive care we provide  to all of our patients offer only natural results. You can see them for yourself in our Hair Transplantation Results page, with real patients before and after photos and understand our passion and excellence in surgical Hair Restoration.

See some of the doctor’s hair transplantation results, here.