Things you should know when choosing a hair clinic abroad

October 17, 2017 No Comments News

Patients should be particularly careful regarding hair transplant “clinics” which:

  • Claim to be “top” in Hair Transplant surgeries or use similar wording unless they can demonstrate credentials, achievements, and experience at the national or international level to support this position.
  • It is not clear on their websites who are the Hair Transplant Surgeons along with their CV that records their skills and experience.
  • They do not respond in a clear way when asked who is the responsible Hair Transplant surgeon.
  • Use the non-medical staff to make decisions on hair transplantation issues.
  • The cost per hair follicle is vague.
  • Advertise (either on their websites or on dedicated discount promotion websites) financial incentives in the form of reduced prices or limited-time offers.
  • They put pressure on the patient to commit to their offer within a limited timeframe.
  • Use “Free Trial” as an advertising tool.
  • They claim that Hair Transplant surgeries “do not leave scars” or that they are “painless”.
  • They offer “guarantees” regarding the permanence of the hair transplant result.
  • Provide services in places that are not certified and approved by the local health authorities.

Patients should be careful about Hair Transplant surgeons who:

  • Are not registered in their country’s Medical Association as certified physicians.
  • They claim that they “have tremendous experience” with the operation they suggest to you. Unless they can demonstrate that they have practiced this particular Hair Transplantation technique for at least 3 years this is a false claim. The minimum period for most surgeons to be fully trained at a high level in a surgical specialty is six years.
  • They claim that they are “specialized” in Hair Transplant, unless they can present their certification titles by official health authorities, i.e. ABHRS certification
  • They claim to be “Top Hair Transplant Surgeons” or use similar titles unless they can demonstrate achievements and experience that place them among the top professionals in the particular surgical specialty, either nationally or internationally.

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