Dr. Anastasakis Hair Transplant Surgeon in Greece

Our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis, is an ISHRS fellow member f. VP of the Boards of Director of the ABHRS and an ABHRS diplomate.
Initial consultation is available online via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger.

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    Free Online Consultation Program – Terms of Use

    • Once you have expressed interest on booking an online consultation, we contact you a to set the day and time (Phone or e-mail).
    • Technical Requirements: You must use a smartphone, tablet, or PC (laptop, desktop) with an internet connection (with wifi or data).
    • The connection is via WhatsApp Viber or Skype. If you don’t have the Viber app you can download it here (includes IOS, Android & Desktop versions). The Skype app can be downloaded here (includes IOS, Android & Desktop versions).

    Getting ready for your online consultation

    In order to give you the best of service and to view clearly your hair condition, we would like to give you some guidelines for your hair online appointment.
    Please note the following:

    • Internet Connection: Make sure that your internet connection is stable, speedy and that there are no interruptions or delays. This will ensure your seamless assessment and consultation!
    • Lighting: Make sure that you are in a place with sufficient lighting. Choose a space with good artificial and avoid spaces with strong natural light. In particular, don’t sit with your back to a window!
    • Tools: Make sure you have a brush or comb, a measuring tape, and a sprayer bottle of water available to wet slightly the hair if needed.
    • Styling: Please make sure your hair is clean, dry and free of styling products. Completely avoid using styling products such as gel or hairspray.

    If you have any questions get in touch with us via e-mail at info@hairclinicgreece.com or give us a call at 0030 21080 11000 during weekdays 9:00am-7:00pm EET.

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