These are some personal stories from patients who trusted us.

Dr. Peter Prendergast, director of Venus Medical

As a doctor practicing aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery for over 15 years myself, I understand the dramatic variation in skill, experience and expertise available. Hair transplant is a demanding field requiring considerable experience and technical ability. For these reasons I wanted to have my own hair transplant by someone who is internationally recognised for having these qualities. Not only does Dr Anastasakis have all of these attributes, he is also artistic and has a deep understanding of all the nuances in hair transplant. I travelled from Ireland to have my hair transplant in Athens with Dr Anastasakis because I knew I was in extremely capable hands. The experience was wonderful. His staff are highly trained but also very friendly and warm. I had the FUE procedure, where about 2400 follicles were transplanted over a number of hours. Before the procedure I had some workup tests and an assessment. Dr Anastasakis discussed in detail the plan with me. The surgery was remarkably painless; it is very evident the team are world-class in every step in hair restoration. The aftercare instructions were given both verbally and in written form. The next day I had absolutely no discomfort or pain whatsoever. The hairline design was perfect and I’m extremely pleased with the progress. I returned to Anastasakis Hair Clinic a couple of times for washes and reviews, each time being impressed with the service and efiicency. I have already recommended a number of my own patients to Dr Anastasakis! The bottom line? This is one of the best hair transplant clinics in the world. Highly recommended.

Alekos Zazopoulos, singer

A year ago, I asked one of my friends who was a doctor, who should I consult regarding my hair loss problem. Without a second thought my friend recommended Dr Konstantinos Anastassakis even though he did not know personally, he reassured me that he was one of the top. When I first arrived at the hair clinic, I was a bit hesitant and worried regarding my problem. I was nervous due to the fact that I had seen other hair transplant surgeries from people I knew in other clinics and I thought I would have the same results.
However, since my first contact with the doctor and the stuff I was very pleased with how polite and kind all of them were. They all behaved very professionally and helped me.

I followed all the orders that the doctor gave me from the first day of the surgery up until now, approximately six months after my surgery, and my hair loss problem was 100% solved.
If you are looking for a hair transplant doctor who is one of the top, has one of the best clinics and a great crew and gives you all these amazing results that you see on the Internet, then doctor Anastassakis is the best solution!
Thank you so much Dr. Anastassakis!

Stelios Kalathas, actor

As an actor, one of the key elements in my job is “looks” and certainly a man’s hair plays a very important role. At first, I admit, I was skeptical because I haven’t seen very good results in other actors who had undergone hair restoration surgery. So I did a lot of market research and I also talked to friends/colleagues who had already undergone a hair transplant procedure. I saw some excellent, natural results in colleagues who had trusted Dr. Anastassakis.  I have heard about Dr. Anastassakis, I had already read a few of his articles and seeing such good results to my friends, I made the decision to schedule an appointment with him. I spoke directly with him and after an extensive examination of my hair condition, my hair loss pattern and my medical record, he explained to me in detail what could be done in my case.  He explained to me how he would proceed with design and redistribution of the hair follicles to cover the thinning areas, details of the procedure and answered completely and clearly to all my inquiries and …fears! So when all my questions were covered I finally made the decision to have a hair transplant with Dr. Anastassakis!

I honestly think it’s the greatest decision I’ve ever done in my life! And I want to tell you that during the hair transplant I was very impressed Dr. Anastasakis himself and his excellent team! As soon as I got into the clinic and the procedure started, I felt a positive energy from the surgeon and his team, smiling faces and the most important safety! They have years of knowledge and experience on this subject and this was an additional factor for me to trust them. I highly recommend anyone who wants to go ahead with a hair transplant to visit Dr. Anastassakis before taking his decision. He did not try to impress me, nor to flatter me, he explained to me in detail what could happen in my case, he showed me incidents that he had operated and had similar needs to my own and the whole process was done by himself! I really thank him for my experience, his expertise and comfortable character that made me feel safe and have the best possible result!

Vaggelis Maroussis, actor

A great doctor with experience and knowledge on the field of hair transplant, honest about your situation. I think he is the best on this industry because I am very pleased with my results. I definitely recommend him!!!

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