These are some personal stories from patients who trusted us.

Stelios Kalathas hair transplantation review

As an actor, one of the key elements in my job is “looks” and certainly a man’s hair plays a very important role. At first, I admit, I was skeptical because I haven’t seen very good results in other actors who had undergone hair restoration surgery. So I did a lot of market research and I also talked to friends/colleagues who had already undergone a hair transplantation procedure. I saw some excellent, natural results in colleagues who had trusted Dr. Anastassakis.  I have heard about Dr. Anastassakis, I had already read a few of his articles and seeing such good results to my friends, I made the decision to schedule an appointment with him. I spoke directly with him and after an extensive examination of my hair condition, my hair loss pattern and my medical record, he explained to me in detail what could be done in my case.  He explained to me how he would proceed with design and redistribution of the hair follicles to cover the thinning areas, details of the procedure and answered completely and clearly to all my inquiries and …fears! So when all my questions were covered I finally made the decision to have a hair transplantation with Dr. Anastassakis!

I honestly think it’s the greatest decision I’ve ever done in my life! And I want to tell you that during the hair transplantation I was very impressed Dr. Anastasakis himself and his excellent team! As soon as I got into the clinic and the procedure started, I felt a positive energy from the surgeon and his team, smiling faces and the most important safety! They have years of knowledge and experience on this subject and this was an additional factor for me to trust them. I highly recommend anyone who wants to go ahead with a hair transplantation to visit Dr. Anastassakis before taking his decision. He did not try to impress me, nor to flatter me, he explained to me in detail what could happen in my case, he showed me incidents that he had operated and had similar needs to my own and the whole process was done by himself! I really thank him for my experience, his expertise and comfortable character that made me feel safe and have the best possible result!

Stelios Kalathas, Actor & Director
2780 FUs

προσωπικές μαρτυριες & πραγματικά περιστατικά μεταμόσχευσης μαλλιών

“My Dermatologist introduced me to Dr. Anastasakis. I appreciated the fact that I met with him directly and not a “salesman” trying to impress me or to push me to choose “here and now”. The doctor was very professional and I was impressed by his knowledge and kindness. The nurses were very kind and pleasant, and the whole process went very well. I did not felt any kind of pain or discomfort during the procedure, I did not swell at all postoperatively, everything was great! The doctor was always beside me, he picked up the phone whenever I called him and answered all the questions I had. He actually gave me the first hair wash on the 4th day. The result of my hair transplantation was better than I expected!”

Panagiotis K., age 44
2315 FUs

αληθινό περιστατικό μεταμόσχευσης μαλλιών - προσθήκη τριχοθυλακίων

“I did not expect that the hair transplantation would be so successful – for many reasons. I had seen many bad results, people with scars on their heads and with a few hair, I was very suspicious. My Dermatologist told me to visit Dr. Anastassakis because he is the best and the only one certified by the  ABHRS in Greece. The surgery was painless, the time was pleasant with conversations and movies, the nurses were very kind and the doctor did a really awesome work! I had no swelling postoperatively nor pain, only a slight nuisance at the back of my head for a few days. “

Fotis S., age 32

4513 FUs – (2 FUT sessions: 2441 + 2072)

αληθινά περιστατικά μεταμόσχευσης μαλλιών

“I’ve been watching my hair loss situation for 30 years and I did nothing. At the age of 50, after spending many years listening to my children commenting on how old I looked because of being bald, I decided to visit Dr. Anastasakis for a hair transplantation and after a consultation with him, I decided to proceed with the surgery. The thing I found very important is that he explained everything to me very specific in order to understand him. Face to face, I appreciated his honesty about the result I would have. The truth is I did not have much hair to transplant but I wanted to fill my whole head! One year later, I see that the result is very natural and I will soon do a second transplant in order to become even denser. Thank you doctor! “

Nikos A., age 51

2011 FUs

Αποτελέσματα περιστατικού της κλινικής μας με θεραπεία FUE

“Since I was young I had thin hair but after my 30s the situation got worse and I started to have a serious hair loss problem.

My dermatologist sent me to Dr.Anastasakis telling me he is the best in the field of Hair Transplantation in Greece and one of the best in the world! I was impressed and really curious to meet him. It was as my Dermatologist described him; he was extremely informative, analytical and answered all my questions. I asked him to show me results from other patients and from what I had seen I was surprised pleasantly. He asked me if I wanted to talk to some of them by phone or in his office, it could be arranged.  I trusted him and 14 months ago I went through the surgery and now I enjoy my hair every day since then. 5 stars! “

Evaggelos I., age 32

2917 FUs – (2 FUT sessions: 1587 + 1330)

εφαρμογή θεραπείας - τεχνικής FUE και αποτελέσματα

“I wanted immediately to do a hair transplantation. It’s not very pleasant to lose hair from your mid-20s! I had visited many dermatologists. I even tried homeopathy. Eventually, I decided to take the big step,  Hair follicle transplantation. I visited many doctors, but Dr. Anastassakis won my trust, he was good and honest. 1 year after hair transplantation and my result is not just good, it’s perfect! “

Christos P., age 37

2734 FUs

εφαρμογή θεραπείας FUE σε ασθενή

“Dr. Anastasakis was suggested to me from a friend of mine who he had previously undergone 2 hair transplantations with him and the result was perfect. I asked him to do the FUE technique like my friend but he had another opinion. He explained to me why he preferred to transplant with the FUT technique in my case. (I needed many follicles). I am glad I finally agreed because the result is very dense. And I can cut my hair short again without revealing anything strange and the result is really very, very good. “

Giorgos N., age 42

5140 FUs – (2 FUT sessions: 2787 + 2353)

αποτελέσματα θεραπείας FUE σε πραγματικό περιστατικό

“Dr. Anastasakis was my surgeon in 2 of the 3 hair transplantations I have done and I highly recommend him. I had previously done a hair transplantation in a well-known “clinic” in Greece and not only did the implants have not come out but I had a big scar and I had a lot of trouble and complications postoperatively. Dr. Anastasakis completely removed the old scar, we took many grafts with the strip technique and the second hair transplantation was done after 8 months with the FUE technique. I was very impressed by the fact that I did not felt any kind of pain nor discomfort during and after the procedure, nor did I swell in any of the two operations, which was also great! In fact,  he suggested, that because of my earlier experience and the poor results of the first HT I had and how these poor results were actually turned around with the following 2 operations I had I should be set as an example and share my experience with those who are interested in having a hair transplantation. He has done an amazing job! In addition, the nursing staff made me feel like I was at home! Thanks, girls.”

Anastasis D., age 58

3102 FUs (1932 FUs with FUT & 1170 FUs with FUE)

Σχεδιασμός μεταμόσχευσης μαλλιών σε πραγματικό περιστατικό

” I had previously done a hair transplantation in a clinic and I was not completely satisfied, the hair was sparse and unnatural! So I decided to repair it. Dr. Anastasakis showed me some other incidents and told me how he could get me a similar result and after a few days, we did the surgery. I was very pleased with the whole process and I finally have a natural hairline and hair density! “

Thanasis F., age 60

2660 FUs

Πραγματικό περιστατικό θεραπείας στη κλινική μας

“I wanted to have a hair transplantation for over 2 years and I had visited many doctors. Dr. Anastassakis was the only one who made clear to me, from the beginning,  that I was not a suitable candidate for hair transplantation yet and that I had to go through medication. So I decided to follow his advice. Now I’m in the 5th month of treatment and I’m very happy with the result. And unlike other doctors, he does not ask me to go every week to “see me” but once in three months! “

Thodoris P., age 24

Medical treatment

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