Design your own hair transplant with the Online Hair Follicles Counter! The process is simple:

  • Using the online hair follicles meter, calculate how many hair follicles you need in order to have a dense result.
  • Fill the hair loss history form and write in the “comments section” the important information that the doctor should know.
  • Click the “send” button and within 24 hours the doctor will contact you via e-mail with all the information you need.

Got any questions? You can call us at 210-8011000 and 801-11-801-01, Monday – Friday, 9:00-21:00 and online at

Online Hair Follicle Counter

Easily calculate how many follicular units (FUs) you will need to have using the image below. Note: Each hair follicle has approximately 2.2-2.5 hairs.

Instructions for use

  • Click the area you are interested in on the head.
  • In the 0-65 scale, move the cursor to the desired hair follicular density for each area (10-65FUs / cm²). For areas 1 and 2, if you normally have thick hair, a density of 35-45FUs / cm² is sufficient. For the remaining areas, a density of 20-35FUs / cm² is sufficient. If you have thin hair, add + 10-15FUs / cm². If you have thick or curly hair remove -10-15FUs / cm² from the previous densities.
  • Select additional areas if necessary and repeat the process above.
  • Once you’ve finished by selecting areas and density, see how many FUs you will need

Pressing the arrows allows you to see other shots of the head. If you made a mistake, click on “Restart”.

The Online Hair Follicle Counter provides you with an indicative number of hair follicles and does not meet your exact needs. It cannot replace the diagnosis of a doctor. For a diagnosis appointment with a doctor, call 210-8011000 or 801-11-801-01 DE-PA 9: 00-21: 00 or send us an email at

Hair loss history

After calculating the number of grafts you need with the online counter, fill out the form below with your hair loss history. In the “Other useful information” field, write any important information that the doctor who will receive the history should know. Click “Send” and within 24 hours the doctor will contact you in your e-mail to let you know.

    Number of follicules calculated:
    Based on the graph below, please choose the donor area type:

    Donor area density:
    Hair Color:
    Hair Type:
    Family history of hair loss:
    Contact Number:*

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    At what age did you first encounter hair loss?
    Additional useful information:

    Learn more about how to choose the right surgeon for your hair transplant, here.