The cost of Hair Transplantation directly reflects the quality and naturalness of the result. Those who trust Anastassakis Hair Clinic for their hair transplantation know that their money will be spent wisely.

No matter how tempting some offers might be, or even if other clinics insist you to opt-in immediately in order to gain “the best” discount, it is better for you to insist on asking questions that will help you understand who is the certified surgeon that will perform your hair transplantation, what technique is most suitable for you and how many hair follicles (and not hairs!) you need for a natural and dense result.

μεταμοσχευση μαλλιων τιμή και αξία

Is Hair Transplantation expensive?

It depends on what you comparing it to!

Behind the scenes of Hair Transplantation perfect results at Anastassakis Hair Clinic,  you will find years of experience and excellent collaboration with our surgical team. Pace and coordination of a group consisting of 4 to 7 people – surgeons, physicians and technicians – expensive and high-end equipment are all a fundamental to achieving excellent results.

How much money will actually cost me in order to have a full head of hair again?

How about telling you that the same operation performed in Anastassakis Hair Clinic, all other things being equal, will cost you 5 times up in Germany and will scale 10 times up in the USA?

Even in Turkey a trend destination for hair transplantation during the last 3 years the cost will scale up to almost 2.5 times compared to our clinic assuming of course that we are talking about an equipped clinic as ours with trained and certified surgeons and not a hair farm.

Hair transplantation costs: The 3 determinant factors.

The cost of hair transplantation depends on three factors, the hair transplant technique, the number of hair follicles to achieve a full, dense result and the surgeon or clinic you choose.

The two techniques we use in hair transplantation relate to the way we harvest the hair follicles, and not the way we place them. In the FUE technique hair follicles are removed one by one and this requires special medical equipment and much more time. These two factors make this technique more expensive and if applied, it raises the total cost of Hair Transplantation. Provided of course that a trained and certified surgeon performs the surgery and not a poorly skilled -or even worse unskilled- technician!

hair transplantation cost anastassakis hair clinic
The cost of your hair transplantation can only be determined after a thorough examination by the doctor.

The second factor concerns the number of hair follicles. If a large number of hair follicles is required for the total result, the cost increases because recourses in staff and time are prolonged. A hair transplant mega session has a different cost than an average hair transplantation that requires less operating time and fewer hair follicles to be transplanted.

A third factor that affects hair transplantation cost is the experience and know-how in hair transplantation of the surgeon you choose. Doctors with little surgical experience (often without a complete medical specialty) are often a tempting ‘economic’ choice for many men and women looking for an inexpensive solution to their hair loss problem. However, the cost of hair transplantation ultimately raises when someone chooses a hair transplantation surgeon without the proper education, knowledge and qualifications. It is almost certain that in the near future it will be necessary a repair hair transplantation session and furthermore valuable time and valuable hair follicles from the donor area will be lost forever!

Anastassakis Hair Clinic’s surgical team applies the most sophisticated and advanced hair transplantation techniques, always ensuring a natural result that doesn’t look fake. Our Chief Medical Director Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis is a surgeon certified by the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS Diplomate), while his surgical team, has wide experience and knowledge in order to offer you a perfect and natural result, always at the lowest possible cost.

For this reason, we consider the cost of hair transplantation to be a concept determined by the necessary number of hair follicles for a totally dense and full result, by your financial capabilities and by the experience and credentials of the doctor you will choose.

Hair Transplantation: What determines the final cost

euro sign hair transplantation costThe prices for hair transplantations are available on this page, but if you visit our clinic, we can accurately identify your needs and design a personalized hair transplantation that suits you and the unique features of your face! Our clinic offers you the finest, personalized hair transplantation based on the latest scientific advances and international medical standards, ensuring you always a dense and 100% natural result. Our passion for excellence can be seen in hundreds of our patients’ successful results that have regained self-confidence thanks to the hair transplantation. At Anastassakis Hair Clinic, when we are dealing with mega sessions, that are cases with a very large number of hair follicles (>4000), we always operate with economies of scale so that the cost per hair follicle allows anyone to proceed with the surgery without being financially pushed. In the following price list, you can see the price range for Hair Transplantation according to the technique that is going to be applied and the number of hair follicles. The final price of hair transplantation is always formed after your consultation with the doctor and the final design of your hair transplantation. Indeed, in the majority of cases, the final hair transplantation cost is significantly decreased compared to those in the price list!

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