5 Myths About Hair Loss: What Really Happens?

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Hair loss concerns more and more men and women, sometimes we see controversial solutions to treat hair loss that endanger the health of the patient plus these solutions don’t solve the problem of hair loss. Let’s see what is the most prevalent hair loss myth that continues to seduce patients suffering from hair loss.

Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis MD, PhD, head and neck surgeon, Doctor of Medical School, specialized hair transplant surgeon and active member of ISHRS, is breaking down 5 popular myths about hair loss while analyzing modern, more effective approaches to dealing with it.

# 1 Hair Loss Myth: The sebum that clogs hair follicles causes Hair Loss.

In no case the sebum will be the cause of hair loss. This is in fact a myth that began in the 19th century, where the exact function of the sebaceous gland was still unknown.

Unfortunately, it is a myth that continues to be believed until today, since few companies use it as a mean of misleading advertising to increase sales of shampoos and other hair loss products.
With more frequent shampooing, hair loss would be eliminated if the above myth was true, but this is not the case as you will have seen from personal experience or experience of your friends or relatives.

# 2 Myth for Hair Loss: Bad blood circulation to the scalp causes hair loss

hair loss myths
Another misleading argument used by several companies to promote hair loss products is that hair follicles due to inadequate oxygenation cause hair loss. However, this is far from true.
Whether we have hair on the head or not, the head is still the only surface in our body with most blood vessels.
When hair loss starts and hair thinning begins, blood flow to the head begins to decrease. That is, poor blood circulation to the scalp is not a cause of hair loss but a consequence of it! Therefore, products and medications aimed at increasing the circulation of blood to the head cannot reduce or reverse hair loss.

# 3 Myth of Hair Loss “It’s an award-winning formula” or “It’s an ancient recipe”

While it is widely accepted that many modern drugs are the progression of prescriptions lost in the depths of the ages, it is doubtful whether ancient herbal remedies with herbs and organic magic potions can fight hair loss! It is of course one of the most prevalent hair loss myths that are perpetuated even today.

So when someone suggests an ancient prescription against hair loss, ask yourself if it is worthwhile to turn to tools and operations so primitive, especially at a time when modern technologies make hair transplantation fue one of the most effective methods of hair loss treatment.

In addition to ancient recipes and American or exotic products, many pharmaceutical companies place pharmaceutical preparations as “award-winning formulas” against hair loss.
Of course this is another hair loss myth.
In the field of hair loss there are no awards like Golden Globe and Oscars. Only valid scientific evidence and research can be an argument for how effective a product is against hair loss. As I mention in my article on Gossip TV:

“The awards you hear being advertised by some companies do not differ from the cup that your nephew won in the local football championship.”

Pharmaceutical preparations with as many awards as they have been awarded are not a safe or effective solution for hair loss. Only Minoxidil and Finasteride have strong evidence of hair loss efficacy.

#4 Myth for Hair Loss: The (anonymous) customer testimonials

Many companies present “customer testimonials” as a means of persuasion of unsuspecting customers. However, most of the time these testimonies are anonymous or semi-named, giving more questions to the candidate than they are solving.

It is advisable to avoid products with anonymous customer testimonials since it cannot be ascertained whether the customer has tried the product or it’s just a paid advertisement. Elements of prestige in a pharmaceutical or surgical technique are publications by qualified doctors and studies by independent laboratories and universities.

# 5 Hair Loss Myth “The Secret Formula Against Hair Loss”.

There are no secret hair loss formulations. This is another myth. Indeed, if there was a company that would produce a hair loss product so effective and exclusive, then a pharmaceutical company would have bought it one night. So far, there is no secret formula that gives a solution to the problem of hair loss.

The Truth about Hair Loss

hair loss myths and truths from Anastassakis hair clinic

Hair Loss Myths have begun to be phased out because the public is now being informed, judged and decided on the basis of serious evidence. The treatment of hair loss is solved today with optimal approaches where the combination of training and technology gives a natural, perfect effect to the patient who wants to reverse hair loss. Hair transplantation is a modern chapter in the treatment of hair loss. A new approach that has been applied for about 50 years now gives a definitive solution to the problem of hair loss, giving natural, dense hair that does not betray how they originate. With the hair transplantation predisposition to blur, hair transplantation is the solution for thousands of people who want a better aesthetic result that will please them and give them more confidence.

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