“Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z”

Following the 1st edition and the reprint in the Greek language of the medical textbook “Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z” by Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis, in January 2022 the international publishing house Springer announced the publication of “Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z” in the English language in e-book and hardcover forms.

The world’s largest and most prestigious publishing house Springer, known to academia and the wider scientific community for its high-level and authoritative publications, undertook the publication of the book in English in 3 volumes. The three volumes in English are:

    • Vol 1: Biology, diagnosis, etiology, and related disorders / comorbidities,
    • Vol 2: Drug treatment options, the intricate effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and food supplements on AGA / FPHL and hair loss in general
    • Vol 3: Surgical hair restoration, hair care, as well as adjuvant and upcoming treatment options.

“Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z” contents

Androgenetic alopecia and female androgenetic alopecia (AGA / FPHL) account for > 98% of hair loss in males and > 70% cases in females making these conditions probably the most common adult (18–50 years) health disorders besides dental caries!
Surprisingly, androgenetic alopecia and female androgenetic alopecia have been somewhat neglected in the scientific literature. Until now, there was no book that approached androgenetic alopecia “holistically”, explaining in detail the causes, aggravating factors, dangerous comorbidities and, most importantly, all treatment options, pharmaceutical, surgical and adjuvant.
Book preface reads: “This book is purposefully designed as a complete reference tool for understanding, managing, and efficiently treating AGA/FPHL according to all the latest research and clinical findings. It has been published in three related volumes, each with a specific focus (with intertwined contents), due to the huge amount of relevant, useful information and the vast number of figures, tables, graphs, and clinical photos.
Every aspect of the condition is evaluated, including biology, diagnosis, etiology and related disorders (Vol. 1), drug treatment, the intricate effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and food supplements on hair loss (Vol. 2), surgical hair restoration, hair care, as well as adjuvant and upcoming treatment options (Vol. 3).
Each subject is addressed according to learning and clinical needs, and the presented information is sourced from several thousands of peer-reviewed papers so that readers can rest assured that they will not have to look anywhere else.”

The original Greek edition of 891 pages of this book was published in 2015 and included more than 7000 scientific bibliographic references.

Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z

The English version was extensively updated with more than 9500 bibliographic references and the most recent bibliography of 2021 and was enriched with thousands of images from Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis’s clinical practice archive.

The English version of the “Androgenetic Alopecia from A to Z” consists of 3 related volumes. Each volume has a different theme but with interrelated contents, due to the huge volume of information and the huge number of shapes, tables, graphs, and clinical photos.

The goal was to bring together the entire valuable, up-to-date information on every possible AGA/FPHL-related question and offer it to the interested reader for immediate reference and application.
As the author mentions in the prologue of the English edition: “… Hopefully, the professional readers will use this vast amount of fully updated, peer-reviewed, and relevant information to educate their patients, to keep them sailing in safe, evidence- based waters, and away from commercially advertised “snake-oils”, and even manufactured “pay-per-page” popular literature that supports several world-famous hair loss products.”

The first volume is available in e-book and hardcover.
You can get the e-book from the Springer website and also you may find available to order the hardcover version.

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